New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, licensed Security Training School. Staffed by Veteran Master Law Enforcement and Master Security Instructors. Carter/Small provides not only New York State DCJS mandated curriculums but additional enhanced training for both armed and unarmed security professionals. We specialize in Firearms Training as well as Active Shooter Training.

A subsidiary of Carter Demra LLC

NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)


  • NYS 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Course (Unarmed)
  • NYS 16 Hour On the Job Training Course (Unarmed)
  • NYS 8 Hour Annual In Service Training Course (Unarmed – Recurring)
  • NYS 47 Hour Firearms Training Course (Armed)
  • NYS 8 Hour Annual In Service Firearms Training Course (Armed – Recurring)
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Law Enforcement Instructor Development Course
  • 101 Hour Basic Peace Officer Course
  • 47 Hour LEO  Firearms Course
  • Basic Patrol Rifle / Shotgun Course
  • Advanced Patrol Rifle Course
  • Defensive Tactics LEO Course 
  • Defensive Tactics Security Course
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor Course
  • Active Shooter Training
  • CED “Taser” Certification Course
  • AED Certification
  • First Aid / CPR Certification
  • OCR “Pepper Spray” Course
  • NRA Basics Course
  • NRA Range Master Course
  • NRA Instructor Course
  • Close Protection Training
  • EVOC Training for Close Protection


Marc Calcano

A current law enforcement officer with over 25 years of Law Enforcement and Security Consulting experience.

An advocate for modern training methods for both law enforcement and private security, he spends most of his time personally tending to his to most sensitive of clients needs. Current Officer In Charge / Administrator for the Hamden Town Constables in Hamden NY. Former NYPD and NYSPP. Certified General Topics and Firearms Instructor, developing and teaching modern techniques.